'gold wedding ring k18' -Half Round-


リングの断面は、Round, Square, Oval, Harf roundの4種類があり、それぞれにゴールドのあらわれ方が異なります。



gold wedding ring 価格(2015.5.1~)
Round 2mm \95,000yen +tax
Round 2.5mm \130,000yen +tax
Round 3mm \175,000yen +tax

Square 2mm×1mm \80,000yen +tax
Square 3mm×1mm \100,000yen +tax
Square 5mm×1mm \140,000yen +tax

Oval 2mm \80,000yen +tax
Oval 2.5mm \95,000yen +tax
Oval 3mm \135,000yen +tax

Half round 3mm \110,000yen +tax
Half round 4mm \160,000yen +tax



'gold wedding ring' -Square-
Designed by: TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc. (Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro)

A wedding ring which gradually changes its appearance as it is worn.

Coated on the surface of the gold ring is a thin layer of silver, and as time passes the silver rubs off to reveal the gold inside. The time shared between two people can thus be felt with the wearing of this ring.

As a result of the shape of the ring section, which comes in either round or square, the gold is revealed in different ways.

Material: 18K gold, silver plating

Price (From May 1 2015)
Round 2mm JPY 95,000yen +tax
Round 2.5mm JPY 130,000yen +tax
Round 3mm JPY 175,000yen +tax

Square 2mm×1mm JPY 80,000yen +tax
Square 3mm×1mm JPY 100,000yen +tax
Square 5mm×1mm JPY140,000yen +tax

Oval 2mm JPY80,000yen +tax
Oval 2.5mm JPY95,000yen +tax
Oval 3mm JPY135,000yen +tax

Half round 3mm \110,000yen +tax
Half round 4mm \160,000yen +tax

*The prices are the same up to 19mm inside diameter. Please ask estimation for larger sizes.
*Each price is for a single ring.
*For international purchase, tax will be excluded.

We offer a free engraving of up to 15 characters on the inside of your ring.
Your engraving can include CAPITAL LETTERS, numbers and punctuation.
It is not possible to engrave small letters and any unique symbols that are not part of a standard typeface.
Occasionally, on smaller ring sizes, it is recommended to make shorter inscription

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