Naoko Ogawa
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born in Kanagawa, Japan, 1979.
working in Berlin, Germany & Tokyo, Japan.

Solo Exhibitions
2011: "Luminous" (Galerie Biro, Munich, Germany)

Group Exhibitions
2011: "network + __________" (Social Kitchen, Kyoto, Japan)
2011: "EUNIQUE 2011, International Trade Fair for Applied Arts and Design" courtesy of Gallery BiroL (Exhibition Center Karlsruhe, Rheinstetten, Germany)
2011: "Schmuck Berlin" by GlaNnzen (Garage, Kobe, Japan)
2009: "Made in Berlin" (Gallery Square, Isetan Sagamihara, Japan)
2009: "A Light Night" (staalplaat, Berlin, Germany)
2009: "Sharp Chic | UNber die Anziehungskraft des Kristallinen" (Freiraum/quartier21, Museums Quartier, Wienna, Austria)
2009: Showroom during the Berlin Fashion Week (Projekt GALERIE, Berlin, Germany)
2008: "Materialwert" (FernwaNrme Wien Kultur-Point Spittelau, Wienna, Austria)
2007: "Glitzern" (Roter Pavillon, Bad Doberan, Germany) curated by Susan Pietzsch
2005: "Metal Craft Artists" (Gallery You-you-an, Harajuku, Tokyo)
2004: "The X'mas Presents from the Artists" (Gallery SATU, Kudanshita, Tokyo)
2004: "Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Graduation Works" (the University Museum, Ueno, Tokyo)
2002: "Tama Art University Graduation Works/ Product, Interior, Craft Designh (Spiral Garden, Aoyama, Tokyo)

2011: ITAMI International Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition 2011 theme "Jewellery", selected (Hyogo, Japan)
2002: The Japan Crafts Exhibition 2002, selected as a participant (Tokyo, Japan)
2001: The Best Artwork of the Year/ Tama Art University Graduation Works 2001 (Tokyo, Japan)

2012: A Girl's Best Friends: Creative Jewelry Design (Publisher: gestalten)
2009: Tangible - High Touch Visuals (Publisher: gestalten)
2009: Glanz & Verderben (Publisher: Folio)
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2007: Guest Lecturer at the Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan

2002 | 2004: Tokyo National University of Fine arts and Music, Tokyo, Japan, Master of fine art in metal carving
2001 | 2002: Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan, Post graduate research student of fine art in metal craft
1997 | 2001: Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan, Bachelor of fine art in metal craft




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